Start Clean

1. PUSH CUTICLES BACK: this helps to prep your nails by creating more clean space for the sticker to lay on.

2. BUFF: Buff with a nail buffer for a smooth base and to prevent trapping air. starting with flat nail beds makes all the difference, especially for any transparent designs.

3. START CLEAN: residue like our natural oils can get trapped underneath the stickers. Wash hands thoroughly or use alcohol to wipe away oil, dust or moisture on your nails.

4. DRY: make sure your nails are completely dry before starting since water/moisture can get trapped too. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe!

for a smooth mani

1. SPACE: leave some space between the sticker and the skin or cuticle to prevent the edges from lifting once applied.

2. SMOOTH: stick on from the bottom of the nail, then smooth the sticker up and outwards.

3. USE A TOOL: use the included cuticle pusher to smooth sticker towards the edge of the nails. This helps to push out any air bubbles that might otherwise get trapped.

4. APPLY FIRM PRESSURE: continue to apply pressure to the sticker in order to activate the adhesive.

getting a clean edge
Filing off

1. PINCH: pinching the excess sticker will help create a strong and clear edge for the file to accurately file off excess nail wrap.

2. HOLD: hold the excess sticker downwards when you’re filing to ensure that the sticker conforms to your nail shape and it is filed off precisely. It also prevents the edges from tearing.

3. FILE IN ONE DIRECTION: further prevent the sticker from tearing by filing firmly and in one direction at a time. With patience, the excess will gently tear off.

for long-lasting nail art
Finish + Maintenance

1. POLISH: finishing with a layer of top coat ensures that your manicure will last its expected lifespan.

2. KEEP DRY: do not immerse your hands in water for at least 3 hours. Avoid hot water as much as possible.

gently revert to bare nails

1. SOAK: soak an orange stick or a flat nail brush in nail polish remover, apply at the edge of the sticker and slowly edge towards the center to remove the sticker gently.

2. PEEL: or, soak your hands in warm water for 5 - 10 minutes before peeling off the sticker slowly and without force.

3. OIL: generously apply cuticle oil post-removal to replenish your nails with natural oils. Be sure to take a break between each manicure to give your nails some time to regain strength!