The Inspiration Behind Collection No. 2

The Inspiration Behind Collection No. 2

This nail wrap collection, full of the radiant colors that only seem to exist in good weather, takes us from day to night in a late-summer day. This is the time when every last moment of time outdoors is savored, from our first morning walk to the last light of the day.


8am ~ Stream

It's only in the morning, when the air is still cool and the light is filtered, that we notice the tinge of sapphire blue in running streams.

10am ~ Avo

Inspired by a summer favorite, avocado toast, and the fresh bounty of colorful foods that take center stage on the breakfast table.

2pm ~ Aqua

At the hottest moment of the day, there's nothing better than an especially clear, cool and blue pool of water.

4pm ~ Daydream

As the day winds down, falling into a slow but imaginative daze seems hard to escape.

6pm ~ Beach Club

When we hope to relish the warmth of the outdoor air while enjoying a light snack or a last run to the beach.

8pm ~ Highlight

A collection of all the most precious colors, and memories, of summer.


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