Behind the Collab: Play & Public

Image of Lindsey from Play & Public

When I started Sticki, I always had this vision of collaborating with creatives on translating their vision into nail art, and this continued to cross my mind whenever I stumbled creators of all kinds — ceramicists, musicians ... and of course, graphic designers. 

I am so excited that we are finally launching a design with one of the first creatives I was connected with to make collaborative magic: Balance, My Friend. This is one of my favorite Sticki designs to date, and such a reflection of the playful, joyful personality that Lindsey exudes. Read more about Lindsey's road to becoming a creative, finding inspiration, and building an agency on her own below. (+ check out some of her work sprinkled throughout)

Name: Lindsey Freeman
Location: Currently Santa Fe, New Mexico
Occupation: Founder & Creative Director at Play & Public
Instagram: @playandpublic

Where did you get your start?

Fortunately, my Mom was also a designer! I've been surrounded by the arts, photoshop and entrepreneurship since I was a lil' kiddo. I decided to go to Portland State University for my officially official degree (but also.... I have never seen my diploma 🤷🏼‍♀️😂). Then worked for 6 years in the agency world creating social content for brands like Nike and House of Hoops.

Play & Public, work by LindseyWhat's your aesthetic?

I call it inner child V I B E S. I love playful type, bold colors and organic textures.

What's your preferred medium? i.e. website, graphic design, etc.

I love graphic design and branding 🥳 To be able to create all of the individual pieces and then to put them all together to create a brand, is one of my favorite things to do.

Favorite part of working as a creative:

My favorite part of working as a creative is THE PROCESS. With my clients, I get to deeply connect with their business's future vision and with the creator behind it. It's so fulfilling to see what they've been dreaming up in their heads and to bring it to life in tangible form.

Most helpful tool in your creative journey:

I think my creative journey (in my agency time) really helped me to understand that all design is not created equally. The importance of truly believing in your work and advocating for it goes a long way. As a physical tool though, I think the Squarespace Design Course by ILoveCreatives was one of the best decisions I've made to kickstart my freelance and design studio career. 

Play & Public workBiggest challenge & how to overcome it:

Balance. I've been playing around a lot with the idea of balance and how it looks like in my life and what does it truly means to be balanced in it. Still working through the 0 to 100 states, but in the depth of those states are the answers that i've been exploring. I always say to myself, "You get to design your life. You don't have to let your life design you".

Favorite places to find inspiration:

I LOVE LOVE Pinterest, Typewolf and any of the type foundries websites (OHNO TYPE CO, ILU💗).

Favorite music to work to:

Depends on my mood 🧠 BUT the focus playlists on Spotify, John Prine or my girl Princess Nokia.

Future plans:

GREAT QUESTION! Looking at building out a new shop filled with joyful surprises 🎉 More coming SOON on that.

Connect with Lindsey:

Instagram✌️ @playandpublic | Pinterest✌️ @playandpublic