Behind the Art: Gissel Batres

Creative inspiration for Gissel Batres

Instagram is such a great place for discovering creative content, and when I saw Gissel's account, I knew that I wanted to create something together. After a few IG messages, we were on our way to creating a Sticki inspired collage which now sends with every order as a postcard (bottom right corner of above mood board). 

I love the way that Gissel uses colors to bring surrealism to her art while creating whole new universes using interesting combinations of earthly things.

To get a deeper understanding on where she finds inspiration, we asked Gissel to shed some light on her creative process and create a mood board of her inspirations for us. Read on to find her favorite resources for connecting with other creatives and what she listens to when she's creating her next masterpiece.

Name: Gissel Batres
Location: Chihuahua, Mexico
Occupation: Collage artist
Instagram: @gisselbatres

Where did you get your start?

I was in my last year of college studying a degree on Visual Arts, burnt-out and dealing with mental health issues. I remember feeling so out of place and stuck, personally and artistically. I saw a collage on Instagram and wanted to give it a try.

So what first started as an experiment to express what I was feeling, it's now what I do for a living.

Collage by Gissel BatresWhat's your aesthetic?

I’d describe it as dreamy and surreal. When I’m creating a collage, I always think of it as if it was its own universe, or for it to be something you would find in an alternative world.

Favorite part of working as a creative:

I'm not really good at expressing myself verbally, so getting to express myself through my art — and for people to connect with it — is something that I'm really grateful for. I also love getting to work with people from all over the world and create something combining our visions.

Most helpful tool in your creative journey:

Social media, especially Instagram, has been my biggest ally in this journey. It’s helped me to connect with other collage artists and potential clients. Most of my job opportunities have come from people finding me on Instagram and liking my work.

Biggest challenge & how to overcome it:

I gotta admit, time management and being organized is not really my thing. And since I work from home, it's pretty easy for me to get distracted by anything.

This year I finally got myself an agenda to organize my days and make daily to-do lists, and it's been really, really helpful.

Favorite places to find inspiration:

Big fan of Pinterest over here! Love how easy it is to find inspiration and references, especially when I’m going through a creative block. Behance and Instagram are great creative allies for me as well.

Favorite music to work to:

I actually have a Spotify playlist that I usually listen to when I’m working. It’s a collaborative playlist, so feel free to add your favorite songs too if you want to! I tend to choose what I'll be listening to depending on the project I'm working on, but that's my go-to playlist!

Future plans:

Whenever I’m at, I just hope to be creating art that stays true to myself and to be working with awesome clients (like Sticki!) on creative projects. Oh, and to finally finish decorating my studio.


Connect with Gissel on Instagram or peruse more of her beautiful art here